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    Google Analytics tracking thru Measurement Protocol A more precise tracking that does not depends on end-user browser. Confort for visitors. Protection against Analytics poisonning. No conversions lost. Better tracking.

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    Accept SWISH payment directly and automated during checkout. The customer enters his phone number, the module notifies SWISH, the customer proceed to the payment and the order is registered with the payment state. Installation assistance included.

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    Verify your visitor's age prior giving them access to the site and checkout. The module display a splash page to your visitors while letting robots index it. Site registration, hence checkout is only possible for visitor having exceeded the age limit you have set. Already registered customers are redirected to their account page in order for them to enter...

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    Patched version to permit - 1 click upgrade - without failure even in the case native / partner modules get pruned off (deleted) from the installation. Without this patch, autoupgrade poorly fail at copying files into non existing folders.

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    Permits your customers to place an order using an escrow amount. Compatible with all your payment methods. You define an amount or a percentage for the escrow. The customer can choose to pay in a whole or solely the escrow amount during checkout. Possibility to exclude some payment method while escrow has been chosen.

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    Clean your tables cart (abandoned cart), connections, guest, cart_rule or discount of obsoleted records.The module by cron (or manually) performs housekeeping actions on your tables yet maintaining integrity constraints. Only abandoned cart past a delay are deleted (compatable with native "followup" module) Only connections and guest having done not...

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    Remove duplicate content due multi-language et optimize geotagging. Meta canonical and hreflang on every page Remove DUST (Duplicate URL Same Text), DC (Duplicate Content) and ND (Near Duplicate)

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